When faced with a failed or failing dentition, Teeth-In-A-Day provides an immediate fixed solution. In one day the failed teeth are removed, the infected bone is leveled, implants are placed and a bridge is delivered. It truly is an amazing reconstruction of a third dentition – and it’s done in a day.

You may see commercials about this on television or heard them on the radio. Both ClearChoice and Eon Clinics are here in Chicago and offer versions of this treatment in a clinical setting — much like you would find in a dental school environment. Dr. Sharifi has been providing successful treatment to his patients since 1996 — decades before the clinics began thinking about how to provide this service.

When you have a failed dentition you may worry that your implants will fail as well. One of the advantages of dental implants is the fact that they don’t decay, get gum disease nor ever need a root canal. Those are the top three reasons we lose our teeth and have our restorations fail. We can use four to six implants to support an upper fixed bridge and four in the lower. This bridge is screwed into place and is never removed. When you lose your teeth, this is — by far — the most desirable option. This fixed bridge is an esthetic and functional treatment option.

Dr. Sharifi is able to fabricate these bridges with acrylic, composite, zirconia and ceramic materials. These different materials impact durability, esthetics, maintenance and cost. Contact the office to discuss these solutions for you.

Failed Dentition
Teeth-In-A-Day Provisional
Final Result