Smile Gallery


Short & Splotchy Teeth Dissatisfied Patient

After Treatment With Eight Veneers from Dr. Sharifi

Worn & Irregular Front Teeth Impacted His Smile

Dr. Sharifi Made Four Veneers for Dramatic Improvement

Dark Incisors from Childhood Trauma

Conservative Treatment with Two Veneers

Smile Inhibited from Discolored Teeth

Dr. Sharifi Created a Confident Smile — “Let It Fly!”

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Wants to Avoid Braces, Correct Age, Wear & Tear

Crowns, Veneers and Bridges Without Braces or Implants

implant therapy

Losing A Front Tooth Is Daunting

A Single Implant Crown & Orthodontics Are Beautiful

Full Arch Bridge Failed at Young Age

Replacement Bridge on Four Implants

Dentures can be esthetic, too!

A Failing Dentition Before Treatment

Dr. Sharifi Fabricates Beautiful Dentures

implant overdentures

Bridges Falling Out & Teeth Fracturing

Excellent Solution with Upper Denture & Lower Overdenture